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The Etienne Lacroix Group has been developing internationally since the 1960s.

With its numerous subsidiaries, sales offices and factories, the Group is a world and European leader in its various business sectors.

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Etienne Lacroix Group - Présence internationale

Focus on a few of the Group's locations

Etienne Lacroix Group - Lacroix Mazères
  • Lacroix in Mazères

SEVESO II The 240 hectare site, with a protective perimeter of 1,100 hectares, comprises 28 workshops (pyrotechnics, assembly, machining and testing), a wind tunnel, a high speed track, 29 stores with a storage capacity of 300 tons of pyrotechnic materials and a firing range.

Etienne Lacroix Group - Alsetex Précigné
  • Alsetex in Précigné

The only way to ensure consistent quality service in each of its sectors is to implement good practices as required by quality standards so that rules are clearly understood and followed by all.

Etienne Lacroix Group - MPM Muret
  • MPM in Muret

Moulages Plastiques du Midi is a thermoplastic injection moulding specialist and provides a full service offer to carry out your industrial project, from feasibility studies to mass production. Our offer is further completed by finishing services.

Etienne Lacroix Group - Zaragozana
  • Zaragozana

Pirotecnia Zaragozana, employing 40, set up its fireworks facilities on a site of over 12 hectares in Garrapinillos-Zaragoza, Spain.