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Etienne Lacroix Group - Energetics
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Specialists in the fields of Blast Protection and Pyrotechnics

ETL is a technology driven company focusing on research and development of energetic materials and blast protection products. ETL also develop pyrotechnic products and payloads for integration into ordnance systems.

Energetics Technology

What Energetics Technology Ltd have to Offer:

Based at our UK facilities we provide a range of products and services to security forces and defence manufacturers including:
  • Design & manufacture of specialist energetic products
  • Research & development into High Explosive and pyrotechnic compositions
  • Explosives & weapon system evaluations
  • CIED training & supply of EOD equipment

ETL have created a unique engineering solution called Sabremat TM which is a composite structure that reduces the effects of explosions.

  • Energetics Technology

    Blast Protection

  • Blast Resistant Litter Bins provide a solution to the threat of terrorist attacks in public areas by protecting against the blast and fragments of an explosive device and reducing overpressure.
  • Energetics Technology

    Threat Mitigation

  • Threat mitigation solutions/options to mitigate terrorist IED's (Improvised Explosive Device) such as letter bombs and suspect devices in parcels and luggage.
  • Energetics Technology

    Pyrotechnic Mechanisms

  • Pyrotechnic cable cutters provide reliable and efficient severance of the toughest cables whilst our Actuators cut and shear with a single explosive shot.
  • Energetics Technology

    Mine Boots

  • The PPE100 Anti Mine Boot is available to mine clearance teams to help protect their personnel from the traumatic damage caused by anti-personnel mines.