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Etienne Lacroix Group - CIRRA
An electromagnetic decoy manufacturer and a packaging specialist.

Cirra, a packaging specialist for industrial and military products, has extended its offer to include fragile item packaging and cut foam inserts to other sectors, such as medical, nautical, musical instruments, etc.

Cirra - Fabricant de leurres électromagnétiques et spécialiste du conditionnement

What Cirra has to offer

With over 30 years of experience, CIRRA is specialized in the manufacture of chaff and more recently in packaging and cases (military grade and containers) designed for various applications with custom-cut foam. The Etienne Lacroix Group acquired a 100% stake in the company at the end of 2014.

We achieve our primary goal of customer satisfaction through our know-how and reliability

  • CIRRA fabricant de Chaff


  • CIRRA is specialized in chaff manufacturing, an integral component of certain kinds of decoys produced by Lacroix.
  • CIRRA production Chaff


  • These metallic filaments are deployed to scramble radars.
  • CIRRA Large gamme de packaging


  • Watertight and military grade cases of all sizes and containers, with or without foam and/or wheels.
  • CIRRA Spécialiste du packaging

    Serving all sectors

  • Used worldwide and serving in various fields such as computer, military, medical, etc.

CIRRA is more than ever

Design capabilities
In order to provide an incomparable product, units are CAO designed, milled, machined and/or digitalized.
Cutting techniques
We use a wide array of foams of varied densities and colors, which are laser-cut according to your drawings, sketches and/or models. We adapt the process, whether it is milling or cutting by waterjet, to obtain the best product at the best price.
Personalized products
The exterior of our cases and containers can be personalized. Advertise your brand! Advertise your product! Contact us about your project.
Certified quality
CIRRA is an official supplier to NATO countries

Latest News

18Oct 2019

CIRRA / SIANE Industrial Exhibition 2019