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Etienne Lacroix Group - Alsetex
Pyrotechnic systems for law enforcement and civil applications.

Alsetex is a specialized manufacturer of pyrotechnic law enforcement products (systems, launchers, munitions, ammunition, etc.) and provides a range of products to prevent natural hazards (avalanche, hail, draught) and for pest control (birds).

Alsetex - Maintien de l'Ordre et Sécurité Civile


Alsetex is a pyrotechnologies systems and services specialist dedicated to law enforcement and civil safety. We provide services spanning the entire life cycle of innovative pyrotechnic solutions: feasibility, design, development, industrialisation, qualification, production, storage, delivery, installation, training, maintenance, reuse, collection and dismantling.
Alsetex Provides a wide range of associated services, such as design, certification, training, logistics and dismantling.

  • Alsetex - Produits maintien de l'ordre

    Law enforcement products

  • In France, our law enforcement products meet strict government specifications.
  • Alsetex - Déclenchement d'avalanches

    Avalanche control

  • The avalanche control system is used to ensure safety at ski resorts.
  • Alsetex - Fumigènes de contrôle et entraînement

    Testing and training smoke generators

  • The smoke generators are designed for aeraulic testing and fire simulation.
  • Alsetex - Signalisation de détresse

    Signalling and distress signals

  • The signalling product range is destined for professional and leisure use.

Alsetex is more than ever

Values shared throughout the company; ambitious quality objectives checked monthly; commitment to lasting customer satisfaction.
Compliance with regulations
For the export of law enforcement products, Alsetex strictly complies with the decisions of an interministerial commission endowed with sovereign decision-making authority. These relevant departments of the French government have complete discretion to provide practical and prompt decisions.
Protection and civil safety
Alsetex provides a range of pyrotechnic products for natural hazard prevention and pest control (avalanche, hail, draught, birds, etc.). A range of non-toxic smokes meet the requirements for aeraulic testing and training. Distress signals of varied effects for aviation, road, railway and nautical use comply with regulatory standards.

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